Due to the great popularity ...

Homemade"Faki Miso"and"Kumquat Honey Stew"Sales start! !

Good evening!

It is Suzuki of "Shabu-shabu and sukiyaki toraya" which creates a special time for customers! !

This time, the menu that was well received by toraya bento and seasonal multi-course menusouvenirNow that you can purchase it as, I will introduce it! !

At firstclumsinessThe fragrance of is refreshingHomemade Fakimisoare!!

butterburThe scent of, of course,sesameandnutThe fragrance of is also faintly fragrant,MeatalsoVegetablesIt is a miso that I eat perfect for ☆
Because it is seasonal, please as soon as possible! !
By the way, the reason why the package is different is that the opinion was divided by the popular vote by the staff. smile
The contents are the same, but I made both so as not to fight. smile

And then the colorfulKumquat Honey Steware!!!

Looking at the kinkan in line at the supermarket,"How do you eat this?"And such"Don't you paint kumquats with insect bites?"Or, such a person, by all means! smile
You can enjoy it even if you eat it as it is, freeze it, put syrup in hot water, and make it kumquat hot water ☆

Both in TorayahandmadeAndNo preservatives or chemical seasonings are used.
There are only about 20 each, so please hurry up.(^^)

We will continue to prepare souvenirs from now on.


The lineup varies depending on the season and mood ☆ (laughs)

We sincerely look forward to your visit.(^^)

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