Toraki's Takeout


Taste of Toraya at home! ! Torakia's Takeout Menu

You can enjoy various menus of Toraya at home.
You can also take home torraki's proud signature menu "Kakegawa beef shabu-shabu" and "specially selected domestic beef shabu-shabu", including the popular "Tora and Bento box lunch" that you can choose from for lunch! !
"I want to be petit luxury once in a while..."
"Even if it's my birthday..."
"It's my wedding anniversary..."
"I want to celebrate my 60th birthday..."

"It's a bit hard to celebrate a special day for your family and friends by prolonging self-restraint and dinner self-restraint by eating out. But it's a little hard if you prepare your own."

Do you have any thoughts like that?

If you were thinking!!, please use Toraya's "Shabu-Shabu Takeout"! !

ご家庭でご用意いただくのは、” お水 ” だけ!!

Celebrate with your family and friends around the pot!!
In addition to the menus introduced here, you can take most of the menus home with you, so please use them. (We do not allow you to take home any sloths such as sashimi.)

*The ding is subject to change without notice.
(There are some photos that are served in a bowl, but it will be handed over in a lunch box for takeout.) )

In addition, from the viewpoint of plastic garbage reduction, we do not attach bags when using takeout.
If you are using a take-home bag, please let us know at the time of order. (Depending on the size, 5 yen to 15 yen per sheet will be charged separately)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!