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According to various situations, please choose your seat as well as dishes.

Course Menu

◆Shunsai Kaiseki Course
It is a kaiseki cuisine specially selected by the head chef that you can feel the change of the season using seasonal ingredients.

[Example of the contents of the dish]
5,500Yen (tax included) course (11 items)

Preeercing, appetizer assorted, sashimi, grilled food
Simmered food, fried food, vinegared food, meal, soup, pickles, dessert

In addition, there are 4,400 yen and 6,600 yen multi-course courses, shabu-shabu courses, and all-you-can-drink
Please let us know according to your budget and usage opportunity.

*The photo is for illustrative purposes only.
In addition, the contents will be changed without notice depending on the purchase situation. Please understand it beforehand.


Seasonal vegetable multi-course course using seasonal ingredients (photo is an image)

Kakegawa beef specialties

◆ Special Kakegawa beef cattle informationHere

Premium Japanese beef

Pork specialties

Various seats are available

Banquet room

Chair seats

Zashiki away